At once modern and graphic, elegant and poetic, Fast has forged its reputation as a creator of high-end outdoor furniture through its clever combination of natural inspirations and high-style aluminium designs. Based in the Valle Sabbia in Lombardy, a region of Italy known for its fine ironwork, the company continues this tradition with talent and aplomb.

The art and the material

High-style aluminium

This lightweight, malleable, versatile, weatherproof, maintenance-free and endlessly recyclable material is Fast’s trademark. The brand plays with shapes to give the material movement, and with colours to give it warmth, before combining it with other noble materials, such as wood, stone and fabric, to bring out its softer side. A true work of craftsmanship, as seen in the Forest and Zebra collections.


Where sustainability meets style

Fast has been conducting a life-cycle assessment of its products for a number of years in order to measure their environmental impact. Among other benefits, this approach allows the brand to reduce its waste output and even attach an EPD Declaration to a handful of products that meet a set of international standards. It’s all part of the brand’s continued commitment to transparency and substantiality.

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  • For us, comfort is a broad concept. It’s at once a practical, multi-functional, stackable, modular and aesthetically pleasing product that inspires and lasts over time.