This manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, premium teak wood and surprising silhouettes. Skillfully bridging tradition and innovation, Gloster regularly taps some of the biggest names in design, including Henrik Pedersen, Cecilie Manz and Sebastian Herkner, with the singular goal of elevating your outdoor space.

A passion

Teak wood

For more than 700 years, its beauty and weather resistance have made teak the wood of choice in outdoor furniture design. By choosing only trees that are naturally grown and at least 35 years old, Gloster ensures the higher density and higher natural oil content that are synonymous with exceptional quality.

A commitment

Sustainable development

Out of concern about the overexploitation of teak forests, Gloster established its manufacturing plant on the island of Java in the early 1970s. This allowed the brand to souce materials from the surrounding plantations managed by the Indonesian state. The plant now employs more than 750 local artisans and has had its own plantation since 2018. Its zero waste policy and respect for both the environment and the work of its employees are points of pride for the brand.

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  • A thoughtful aesthetic

    Designing outdoor furniture is as much a matter of inspiration as it is function, as each piece must be able to withstand rain, sun, wind and temperature swings. Once the first draft of a product is approved, Gloster invites its designers to its Indonesian factory to familiarize themselves with the materials and refine the design as needed in order to make them shine.