Since 1996, Joli has elegantly fused sleek design with a warm feel, and comfort with contemporary style. Blurring the line between indoors and outside, the company makes all of its furniture by hand in Belgium from raw materials that meet European quality standards. Functionality, impeccable finishes and a flair for new trends are all part of the brand’s signature approach.

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A mighty material mix

Joli specializes in metal frames, including chairs made from lacquered aluminium, as seen in the Marguerite collection, and the Wire Collection’s sofa made entirely of a fine stainless steel cable. Its tabletops are crafted from two highly resistant materials, Matilux and Xeramica. The first is a frosted tempered glass that’s anti-reflective and hides fingerprints well, while the second is a dense ceramic plate that’s waterproof, as well as resistant to scratches and UV rays.

The design

Inventive and practical

Founder and chief designer of the brand John Ghekiere is an innovator at heart. His other strengths lie in his keen eye for functional design and his knack for collaborating with multi-award-winning designers, such as Mathias de Ferm, with his airy silhouettes, and Sylvain Willenz, with his simple and graphic aesthetic.

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  • Our contemporary furniture effortlessly combines sleek design and a warm feel.