The Statement Collection by Jardin de Ville

The Statement Collection by Jardin de Ville

This Japanese-inspired collection unites two key principles of Japanese design: harmony and purity. There is nothing superfluous about Statement, from its low frame with an elegant, bevelled outline to its cushions that evoke the pebbles of a Zen garden.


Endless Possibilities

Featuring a selection of one-, two- and three-seater modules with removable backrests, Statement adapts to suit your needs. You can transform it from a family-sized sofa into a lounge chair or simple bench in a matter of minutes.


Easy Maintenance

Smooth and even, the corrosion-resistant aluminium base can be cleaned with a quick spray of water. The cushions are removable and come with a machine-washable cover. Statement is also easy to store come winter, thanks to its compact structure and detachable backrests.

There is beauty
in simplicity.
Johanne Bourque President