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Under the umbrella of Jardin de Ville is Cuscini Design, a local workshop that allows the brand to offer its customers a range of cushion customization options as well as manufacture its own pavilions and protective furniture covers. Each of these made-to-order products offers a quality that’s unmatched in the market and a personalized solution for every space.


Furniture cushions

Embrace the luxury of quality and choice. Most of the furniture cushions in our collections are made in-house from high-end materials by a team of skilled craftspeople. Designed to last, our cushions are resistant to weathering and won’t fade from exposure to the sun. Our specially treated fabric allows water drain through for quick drying, while our foam padding guarantees incomparable comfort and won’t lose shape over time.


Decorative cushions

In-store or online, enjoy a wide selection of decorative cushions that are ready-made or made to measure by the Cuscini workshop, in the size, shape, thickness, fabric or colour of your choice.



Furniture exposed outdoors is at the mercy of Mother Nature. While all Jardin de Ville furniture is designed to withstand the elements, we recommend using a protective cover if you cannot store your furniture somewhere dry. Our custom-made covers will keep your furniture looking its best no matter what the weather has in store.



A pavilion can transform any outdoor space into a personalized place, and make it larger or smaller, depending on the atmosphere you hope to create—intimate or festive, cosmopolitan or country, even dining-ready…anything goes. A veritable extension of your home, it allows you to prolong your time outdoors while providing protection from the sun and wind.

Customizable to your needs, our pavilions can include optional heating and lighting, retractable roofs, blackout blinds and curtains. Meticulously made to measure, in the colour of your choice from premium-quality materials and fabrics, they offer exceptional weather-resistance over time.


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