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Kobo Collection | Manutti

Kobo Sofa

Kobo Sofa

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Luxurious, serene and voluptuous — it’s impossible not to want to touch the thick weaving and elegant curves of this collection, which immediately awakens the senses. Designed by Stephane de Winter, Manutti’s founder and chief designer, Kobo is as comfortable as it is durable. The cushions, made in Quebec, are removable.

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  • Features

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    Cushion material Sunbrella
    Base Material Rope/ Aluminium
    Configuration 3-Seat
    Mechanism None
    Weight Heavy
  • Dimensions

    Height : 26''| 66 cm
    Width : 106''| 269 cm
    Depth : 43''| 109 cm 

    Kobo Sofa - Côté 1 Kobo Sofa - Côté 2
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