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King Dining Table

King Dining Table

Gather your whole crew around King, a 10-seat table crafted top to bottom from reclaimed teak. This spacious design stands out with its full-length slats and an aged look that will evolve over time. Dress it up with woven chairs to accentuate its rustic look, or with minimalist aluminium seats for an industrial-chic effect.

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  • Features

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    Material Teck Wood
    Capacity 10 People
    Weight Heavy
  • Materials and Care

    Teak is a prized wood in outdoor furniture production due to its high resistance to bad weather and natural oil content that protects against bacteria and decay. Left outside, raw teak furniture will naturally turn from orange-brown to a pale-grey tone. To maintain or restore its original colour, be sure to apply a sealant or oil specially designed for teak as soon as the wood begins to fade. Regular cleaning with water and mild soap is also recommended to remove any dirt.
  • Dimensions

    Height : 31''| 79 cm
    Width : 118.5''| 301 cm
    Depth : 39.5''| 101 cm

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