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Summer House

Summer House

This product is designed to adapt to your needs. Visit a store or contact a sales advisor to discover the various finishes, materials and configuration options available to you.

Starting at CA$26,759

Take a new approach to living well outdoors by bridging your home and backyard with the Summer House pergola. Rain or shine, it lets you enjoy every moment by recreating the comfort of a cozy living room in a setting that adapts to your every need.

Explore the included features and finishes and customize your Summer House pergola with the add-on options of your choice.

The starting price is for a 10' x 10' pergola without options.

The price for a 10' vertical motorized screen is $3,482.

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  • Features

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    Height : Up to 3.3 m (11')
    Width : From 1.4 m (4.5’) to 6.4 m (21’)
    Depth : From 1.5 m (5’) to 4.5 m (14’)


    Base models include a structure on four pillars, motorized louvres with Bluetooth control and an integrated gutter system. Expert installation service fees apply.


    Optional ($)

    - Lighting: direct LED strip that adjusts from warm to cool;

    - Lighting: indirect RGB LED strip light, spotlights, LED starlight;

    - Front and side enclosures: vertical screens, wooden and glass walls;

    - Structure: integrated without pillars, supported by 1 to 3 pillars;

    - Motorized louvres with geolocation: rain, sun and wind sensors;

    - Other options: control buttons, outdoor heating, integrated speakers, projector and screen, USB port, electrical outlets.


    Storage In preparation for winter, we recommend opening the louvres to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on top of the structure.
  • Materials and Care

    Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive, aluminium is a popular choice in outdoor furniture design. It gets its colour from a coating of a fluidized powder paint, applied using electrostatic spray for a scratch-resistant finish. Clean it regularly with water and dish soap, then rinse and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Avoid the accumulation of rainwater on the surface.
  • Dimensions

    Height : Up to 3.3 m (11')
    Width : From 1.4 m (4.5’) to 6.4 m (21’)
    Depth : From 1.5 m (5’) to 4.5 m (14’)

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Bask in the sun’s rays or take cover from the rain with the various positions of the motorized louvres of the Summer House pergola.

In one click!

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and control the orientation of the louvres in mere seconds!


Raised on four pillars and offered in three standard colours, the Summer House pergola comes in an array of formats: its width ranges from 1.4 m (4.5’) to 6.4 m (21’), while its depth ranges from 1.5 m (5’) to 4.5 m (14’).


Personalize the Summer House pergola by choosing among a wide range of finishes and features. Discover the various options.

Custom lighting

Direct light
LED strip

Whether you want to create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic evening or the perfect lighting for a place to read, the dimmable LED strip provides direct light that varies from warm to cool to offer the ideal illumination for every occasion.

Custom lighting

LED starlight

Relax under a starry sky composed of miniature LEDs.

Indirect RGB LED
strip light ­

Change up the colour of your lighting to suit your mood. Perfect for creating a lounge-style ambiance or festive atmosphere, it offers a range of colour tones.


Recessed into the structure, these spotlights provide additional light with varying intensity.

Front and side enclosures

Wooden walls

Create a sense of privacy by building a cozy outdoor space with the addition of Thermowood® panels, made from highly durable, treated pine wood.

Vertical screens

Solfix screens are wind resistant and feature an enclosure system integrated into the structure. With 95% opacity, they let in a soft glow. Select this option at the time of purchase.

Glass walls

Let the light in at all times of day with clear glass panels, sliding or fixed.

Scalable structure

Whatever the available surface and configuration of your deck, the Summer House pergola can adapt to your space by standing on its own, propping up against or integrating into an existing structure.

Motorized louvres with geolocation

Chase the sun

The motorized louvre system with geolocation feature allows you to select automatic mode, which will orient the louvres automatically, according to the position of the sun.


Rain and wind sensors

Rain and sun sensors direct the louvres to close when it rains and reopen once the storm has passed. A wind sensor is also available, which adjusts the louvres to regulate the airflow in the event of strong winds.



The sound of music

Enhance the atmosphere with background music by incorporating two or four Bluetooth-enabled speakers into your pergola.

Control buttons

No need to use your phone or a remote control when you have built-in control buttons to select the settings of your choice.

Outdoor heating

Our pergolas are equipped with integrated infrared heating to prolong your summer experience. Simply add a few comfy cushions and throw blankets to recreate the comfort of your living room

Outdoor theatre

With the option of adding a projector and screen, Summer House allows you to watch a movie or game as if you're in your living room.

USB port

Charge your devices within reach with a USB charging point built into the structure. Choose between one or two outlets.

Electrical outlet

Plug your devices into an electrical socket that’s built into the structure. Choose between one or two outlets.