The Floating Collection by Jardin de Ville

The Floating Collection by Jardin de Ville

Minimalist, modular and a little bit magical too, Floating gives off the illusion that it’s hovering in the air, like a fluffy cloud adorning a deep-blue sky on a summer day.

The Look

Airy and Sleek

What makes Floating so unique? Its large cubic poufs sit on a skillfully concealed base that appears virtually nonexistent. Its clean lines and low-profile backrests that are shorter than the seat further create the impression of levitation.


Countless Combinations

Whether serving as a sofa for entertaining in large numbers, a daybed for a couple’s nap or a lounge chair for relaxing solo, this collection meets all your needs with a selection of differently sized modules with removable backrests.

Who hasn’t dreamed
of sitting on a cloud?
Johanne Bourque President