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Coso Side Table

Coso Side Table
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Coso shines the spotlight on ceramics by combining two highly distinct finishes: one matte and textured, the other smooth and glazed to reflect the light. Crowned with a teak top, this side table can be paired with the coffee table version, both lower and wider, to create a strikingly graphic composition.

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  • Features

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    Material Ceramic
    Tabletop Teak
  • Materials and Care

    While ceramic is often considered fragile, this material is anything but! Composed of sand, clay and natural stone, ceramic tops are distinguished by their resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, scratches and wear. Waterproof and hygienic on account of its low porosity, ceramic is perfectly suited to outdoor use. To keep it clean, simply wash with a damp cloth, lukewarm water and mild soap, avoiding the use of steel wool and other abrasive products.
    Teak is a prized wood in outdoor furniture production due to its high resistance to bad weather and natural oil content that protects against bacteria and decay. At Gloster, it is produced in an eco-responsible way. Like a fine wine, teak grows in quality over time, which is why Gloster ensures every teak tree it uses has a lifecycle of at least 50 years. Left outside, raw teak furniture will naturally turn from orange-brown to a pale-grey tone. To maintain or restore its original colour, be sure to apply a sealant or oil specially designed for teak as soon as the wood begins to fade. Regular cleaning with water and mild soap is also recommended to remove any dirt.
  • Dimensions

    Height : 19’’ |48 cm
    Width :
    15.5’’ |40 cm
    Depth : 15.5’’ |40 cm

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