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Glaze Coffee Table

Glaze Coffee Table
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The Glaze coffee table is the piece your outdoor decor is missing that will take it to the next level. Crafted from aluminium and semi-gloss lava stone, it comes in several colours to suit any space in playful and dynamic style. Perfect for adding a functional element to a sitting area or creating an outdoor reading spot, it’s designed to give any environment and decor a charming and original touch.

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  • Features

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    SKU Glaze Coffee Table

    Height: 18.5’’ | 47 cm

    Diameter: 18’’ | 46 cm

    Tabletop Material Lava stone
    Base Material Aluminium
    Usage Indoor/ Outdoor
    Weight Heavy
  • Materials and Care

    Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive, aluminium is a popular choice in outdoor furniture design. It gets its colour from a coating of a fluidized powder paint, applied using electrostatic spray for a scratch-resistant finish. Clean it regularly with water and dish soap, then rinse and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Avoid the accumulation of rainwater on the surface.
    Lava Stone
    Extracted from natural volcanic rocks, lava stone is often glazed, giving it vibrant colors and unique patterns. This material is renowned for its exceptional resistance to high temperatures, scratches, chemicals, and weather, making it ideal for outdoor use. To maintain it, simply clean it regularly with a damp cloth, warm water, and mild soap. Avoid using steel wool and abrasive products that could damage the glazed surface. Thanks to its impermeable and hygienic surface, lava stone is easy to maintain and stain-resistant.
  • Dimensions

    Height: 18.5’’ | 47 cm

    Diameter: 18’’ | 46 cm

    Glaze Coffee Table - Côté 1