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Riverstone Side Table

Riverstone Side Table

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A practical piece, Riverstone is a side table, pouf and footrest all in one. Mac Stopa, an avant-garde Polish designer, drew inspiration from the rocks that line riverbeds to create this table’s original shape and textured finish. Soft to the touch and surprisingly lightweight, this multifunctional model from the prestigious Italian brand Tonon can easily follow you wherever you go.

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  • Features

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    Material Polyurethane
    Base Material Aluminium
    Weight Light
  • Materials and Care

    Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive, aluminium is a popular choice in outdoor furniture design. It gets its colour from a coating of a fluidized powder paint, applied using electrostatic spray for a scratch-resistant finish. Clean it regularly with water and dish soap, then rinse and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Avoid the accumulation of rainwater on the surface.
  • Dimensions

    Height : 16''| 41 cm
    Width : 18''| 46 cm
    Depth : 18''| 46 cm 

    Riverstone Side Table - Côté 1 Riverstone Side Table - Côté 2
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