More than 30 years ago, German company Dedon revolutionized the outdoor furniture industry by creating a new kind of synthetic fibre. Since then, Dedon’s passion for wicker, uncompromising approach to quality and collaborations with renowned designers have allowed the brand to weave its way to the top of the luxury design world.

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Strong, UV- and water-resistant, soft to the touch and fully recyclable, Dedon’s synthetic fibre features a most natural look and comes in an array of colours, shapes and textures. Made in Germany, it is woven by hand in the Philippines, while innovative takes on braiding and artisanal manufacturing ensure each piece is unique. One of the brand’s most iconic designs? Swing Me, a hanging chair designed by Daniel Pouzet.

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Dedon controls the design process from A to Z, starting with the durability of the 55,000 kilometres of synthetic fibre it produces each year. Its state-of-the-art equipment allows it to simulate ten years of exposure to sun, salt water and chlorinated water. It applies this same rigor to the manufacturing of the final product, from the assembly of the aluminium structure to the covering, done by experienced craft weavers.

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That is the brand’s main source of inspiration. From the Maasai people to the palaces of Rajasthan, from the lush forests of Thailand to the pyramids of Yucatan, from the great Canadian lakes to the beaches of Ibiza, founder Robert Dekeyser and his teams let themselves be transported by the people they meet, the places they discover and the feelings that wash over them in the moment.

Dedon fibre: more than just a material, it is the soul of each collection.