Convinced that the best place to enjoy life with loved ones is outside under a radiant sun, Belgian brand Manutti has worked tirelessly for nearly 20 years to inspire, enchant and bring people together with its outdoor furniture designs. The brand’s strength lies in its skilled and balanced blend of style and function, and of creativity and high-end design.

The priority

Refined finishing

This high-end manufacturer mixes cutting-edge technology with traditional know-how to brilliant effect. Each piece is hand-worked to showcase the unique characteristics of the materials used, whether it be teak, rope, ceramic or imitation leather. Whether playing with weaves, tone-on-tone stitching or the contrast between matte and shiny surfaces, this tireless attention to detail is the key to Manutti’s trademark elegance.

The inspiration

Four atmospheres

Inspired by the energy and colours of the most beautiful landscapes, Manutti presents its collections with four atmospheres in mind. The first is rustic and warm, combining textured materials with earth tones. The second is modern and architectural, associating grays and blue-greens with touches of marble. The third evokes the sea with its silvery, sand and soft-green tones, along with rope and weathered wood. The last, composed of pearly-white concrete and bluish hues, is perfect for picturing yourself poolside.

19 products

19 products

  • A designer and his team

    Founder and CEO of Manutti, Stephane de Winter is, above all else, a designer who is passionate about ergonomics, as well as chic and classic lines. He likewise knows how to listen to his clients and surround himself with other talented designers who will bring their own original ideas to the brand. Among them, Koen Van Extergem with his minimalist style, Lionel Doyen and his Japanese silhouettes, and Metrica Design Studio with its Italian-inspired approach.

    Take a deep breath and a seat. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing every Manutti design has been carefully considered to provide warmth, luxury and unforgettable moments.