Royal Botania

Royal Botania

Royal Botania’s keyword? Refinement. This family-run business stands out for the balanced and delicate lines of its outdoor furniture designs. With its exceptional taste, attention to detail, premium-quality materials and unparalleled comfort, it’s no wonder the Belgian brand is internationally renowned.

Organix | Royal Botania

New collection

The charm of this collection lies in the beautiful waves created by its seats. Crafted with an aluminium frame and covered in a weatherproof fabric, it features removable backrests, with curves that correspond to each module, for a customizable arrangement. Designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, Organix will blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings and soften the look of rectilinear architecture.

A responsibility

Reduce its environmental impact

Royal Botania employs teak, a wood that’s prized by outdoor furniture manufacturers for its durability, weather resistance and natural beauty. Committed to giving back to the planet more than it takes, in 2011 the company established the Green Forest Plantation Co., a plantation of 250,000 teak trees for future generations.

20 products

20 products

  • The design

    As elegant as it is comfortable

    Aesthetics, ergonomics and technicality are the three main principles of Royal Botania’s approach. It’s the winning trifecta on which its founder, Kris Van Puyvelde, and his team rely daily to create their distinguished and oft-awarded designs. A fan of clean silhouettes and variations—he likes to offer the same product in a range of materials and colours— Van Puyvelde will also call on outside designers to help broaden his horizons.

    Luxury and refined design are not limited to indoor spaces.

    Kris Van Puyvelde Founder, Royal Botania

    Royal Botania