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Layers Lounge Chair

Layers Lounge Chair

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Sylvain Willenz, Belgium’s 2009 Designer of the Year, conceived this armchair with one concept in mind: the lightness of a tree leaf. To bring this idea to life, he employed super-fine, 5-mm-thick aluminium sheeting and adorned the backrest with a graphic line reminiscent of the vein of a leaf. The result is a piece that is unique, luxurious and comfortable!

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  • Features

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    Mechanism None
    Cushion material Leather
    Base Material Aluminium
    Usage Indoor
    Weight Heavy
  • Dimensions

    Height : 27''| 69 cm
    Width : 25''| 63,5 cm
    Depth : 29''| 73 cm 

    Layers Lounge Chair - Côté 1 Layers Lounge Chair - Côté 2
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