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Rooftop Pergola

Rooftop Pergola-Black

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Live as comfortably outside as you do indoors with Rooftop. This anodized aluminum pergola, designed and manufactured in our Quebec workshop, is a mix of ingenious design, solid construction and modern style. Its roof, divided into independent sections, comes equipped with motorized rotating louvres that allow you to regulate the air flow and natural lighting as you see fit. Its pillars conceal a set of curtains that protect against mosquitoes while keeping out sun, rain and wind. It also features adjustable LED lighting to extend your evenings as late as you like.  Customize your pergola with a range of optional add-ons, available upon request.

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    SKU Rooftop Pergola-Black

    Height : 9' | 275 cm
    Height under the structure : 7' | 221 cm
    Width : 14' | 426 cm
    Depth : 10' | 305 cm

    Material Aluminum

    The base model includes motorized louvres and an anodized aluminium frame with an integrated gutter system and a surrounding valence that prevents rain from running down the sides. It’s equipped with Textilene curtains, concealed in the four pillars and hung on a simple rail system. It also features a lighting system on 4 sides, with LED strips and adjustable intensity via remote control.

    Optional ($)
    • Lighting: Ceiling LED strip with adjustable intensity via remote control;
    • Front and side closures: waterproof and opaque acrylic curtains;
    • Fasteners for securing the curtains to the floor;
    • Permo-Lock anchors, for pavement, ceramic, stone, slate, lawn or other mounting surfaces;
    • Expert installation service.
    • The engine parts of the motors have a 2 year warranty.
    • The structure has a 5-year warranty.
    • The Textilene curtains have a 2-year no-fade guarantee.
    Storage In preparation for winter, we recommend opening the louvres to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on top of the structure. The curtains can remain inside the pillars, provided the doors are closed.
  • Materials and Care

    As elegant as it is durable, Textilene is made from polyester yarns coated in PVC, making it highly resistant to the elements. To remove any stains or sunscreen residue, wash immediately with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush, then rinse and allow to air dry.
    Anodized aluminium
    Lightweight, strong and locally made, anodized aluminium is distinguished by a surface treatment that makes it more resistant to wear, corrosion, heat and salty air. Once a year, clean it with water and dish soap, then rinse and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth.
  • Dimensions

    Height : 9' | 275 cm
    Height under the structure : 7' | 221 cm
    Width : 14' | 426 cm
    Depth : 10' | 305 cm